The year was 1990, Ismail Fabrics was set up in Faisalabad, in the start, merely a trading company involved in the business of grey fabric only. Few years later, a state of the art textile unit was established and Ismail Fabrics started producing its own textile products. Few years ago, Nexus was launched by the parent company Ismail Fabrics as a premium clothing brand and with a passage of time this sapling became a tree with a lot of fruitful branches. Here at Nexus, we have a plus point of having a high standard production facility due to which we always thrive to improve our quality. Conceptualizing the fabrics we produce with interesting element in surface, weave, structure and additionally appearance and furthermore choosing the hues for the initial model example is a job that our team at Nexus enjoys and takes up eagerly, yet from that point, they embrace each progression of the inventive procedure with the carefulness of experts, for example choosing fiber of the required combination; spinning the yarn; building up the work; exceptional consideration is given to the weaving and growing new procedures, which is done on high standard looms. Comparative consideration is taken in wrapping up. The organization imports simply the best colors and synthetic substances to keep up their sign of value.
We at Nexus, try our best to give a unique experience to our customers, unlike their traditional shopping experience, our customers are exposed to one of the finest shopping occurrence in the country. With a range of home textile and fashion wear products, we vow to serve our customers in every way possible.
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